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Hotel Luxe Element

  • When you walk out onto your balcony in Portugal and this is the view 😍 Can you spot the pool at the very end? Tag a friend who would love this! (📸: @polabur 📍: Pousada de Faro, Palácio de Estoi @pousadasdeportugal)
  • 🍂 Autumn's giving us all the feels at this Cotswold coaching inn @lygoncotswolds 🍁 Every corner of the #Lygonarms greet guests with a magical surprise like the #Wellies corner 👢 or Saddle room. Pro Tip: ask reception for directions to the Broadway Tower walk. Tag your hiking buddy here and enjoy the views! (📸: @lygoncotswolds 📍: The Lygon Arms)
  • Hotel Villa Honegg has one of the world's most spectacular infinity pools, overlooking pristine Lake Lucerne 🏔️ Swipe for more views from this gorgeous mountain location! 😍 Know someone who would love to relax here? Then tag them! (📸: @sennarelax 📍: Hotel Villa Honegg Switzerland)
  • Skip a beat. Relax in the stunning Round Hill Hotel. Beautiful oceanfront villas and gorgeous infinity pools? Sign us up 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ (In partnership with @visitjamaica 📍: Round Hill Resort, Jamaica)
  • With pool views this beautiful we might just stay in there all day! But then again we couldn't pass up any time exploring the French Riviera either! Oh such difficult decisions 😉😁 What would you do? (📸: @lindsaysilb 📍: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc @hotelducapedenroc)
  • "Eat, Pray and Love... in Ubud ✨🌴
Whether you’ve read the book or watched the movie you’ve probably heard about this famous trip from Italy to Bali via India 🗺💫🚂
The third of the journey (the love part), happened to be based in Bali’s spiritual capital, Ubud 🐒✨🌴
Ubud is pretty magical. Located on Bali’s central highlands and surrounded by lush jungle and rice paddies. Ubud is the spiritual heart of Bali and there is no other place like this one, that can give you your own little Eat, Pray, Love journey… 😉♥️"
We loved these words from @sbri_diaries as she rocked in the treetops at @kamandalu 💕 Have you ever visited this beautiful location? Tag someone who would love to have a relaxing drink or nap in this rocking spot! (📸: @sbri_diaries & @onedaywellsailaway 📍: @kamandalu Bali)